There have been streaming services popping up left and right from the likes of CBS and even another one coming from HBO but this new one called “Quibi” has been creating quite the buzz. Quibi stands for “Quick Bites”.

All the content is no more than 10 minutes and catered for quick media consumption. Its all short form entertainment but backed by several heavy hitters in the industry. How this will actually pan out in the end remains to be seen but there is actually a couple shows I want to check out.

One feature Quibi is touting what they call “Turnstyle”. It will allow you to enjoy content whether its in portrait or landscape modes on your phone.

T-Mobile sees Quibi as being one of the next big things and has partnered with him to give you “Quibi on Us” courtesy of them. This is similar to the Netflix deal they been offering their subscribers, long as you meet the requirements:

T-Mobile customers with two or more voice lines at standard rates on Magenta and ONE plans with taxes and fees included — along with discounted First Responder, Military and Magenta Plus 55 plans — or small business customers with up to 12 lines will score a subscription to Quibi (regularly $4.99) included in their plan no added cost. Customers can sign up between now and July 7 to get Quibi added to their plan on us. Just go to or the T-Mobile app for iOS or Android beginning April 6 to add Quibi.

Plus, until April 3, T-Mobile customers can sign up in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or iOS for early access to three bonus episodes of the new Jennifer Lopez series, “Thanks a Million” when it launches on April 6 — that means customers get started with six episodes!  Plus, on April 7, five lucky people who enter the T-Mobile Tuesdays sweepstakes at will win a free Google Pixel 4 XL.

So if you are a T-Mobile customer and have what’s required go head and tune into Quibi on April 6th and take advantage of that free year of content.

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