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Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite

I already have several carrying cases for my Nintendo Switch Lite and each of them serve a different purpose. Plus, I’m the type of person who likes to swap out cases every now and then based on my mood and accessories I’m using. So the latest case I”m checking out comes from Skull & Co. and its there Maxcarry Case Lite, made especially for the Nintendo Switch Lite equipped with their GripCase Lite which we looked at earlier.

Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite

To start things off, the Maxcarry Case Lite is a hard shell case with a water-resistant nylon cover providing 360° protection for your Switch Lite and other accessories. There is also a handle that makes for easy carrying. This is the largest case I’ve looked at so and that’s mainly to accommodate the larger hand grips on the GripCase Lite. However, the larger size also has the added benefit of being able to hold a few extra accessories you can’t hold with slimmer cases. There is a compartment at the bottom that can hold accessories like earbuds, charging cables, a small powerbank, or even your stock Nintendo Switch charger.

Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite

There’s also a built in 8-card game holder as well as an adjustable stand allowing you to charge your Switch Lite when playing games in tabletop mode. You can play games on the Lite in tabletop mode as long as you have some extra controllers to use.

Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite

With all this storage and functionality, I also really like how the Maxcarry Case Lite holds my Switch Lite. The built in stand when flat acts as protection for the back of my Switch while the game card holder acts as a screen protector. There’s even a Velcro strap that can secure both these flaps together so that your Nintendo Switch Lite stays secure and won’t fall out of the case when you open it.

Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite

The Skull & Co. Maxcarry Case Lite is also pretty handsome looking. Most of it is black, but there is a small little Skull & Co. burgundy badge on the front as well as matching skull zipper pulls. While this isn’t the best looking case I own, it’s pretty low key and more adult looking. This is the perfect case for when I want to carry much more with me like on longer trips and a welcome addition to my rotation of cases.

The Maxcarry Case Lite can be purchased separately or part of a bundle with the GripCase Lite.

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Samuel Huang is an avid gamer and all around tech geek. When not glued to his computer or iPhone, he can be seen pwning n00bs on PSN nightly. On occasion, he has the crazy dream of owning a vintage JDM Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R or a Datsun 240Z.


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