Meeting up with Dell last month they showed off their usual PCs, laptops, displays but also had a new category of sorts. It was basically working concepts for various form factors that we may see down the line in the future. There was foldable tablets and PCs but the one that greatly caught my eye was what they tentatively called “UFO”.

Since its basically a concept they couldn’t totally tell the specs on the UFO just that it could be deemed as a full-fledged 8″ portable gaming PC capable of playing various games. It also has a 1900×1200 resolution. Build quality was surprisingly solid with working D-Pad, analog, and shoulder / trigger buttons. The controls detach ala Switch style but use magnets rather then slide up like Nintendo’s.  The device itself has some weight too but if it is packing the power that I think is inside its understandable. You can also use the controller dock and play games too.

If you check out the video, I put it through its paces playing a couple games of Mortal Kombat X doing all sorts of moves and tried out some World War Z. It ran rather smooth handling multiple opponents running around at once too.

Alienware stated this is just “concept” but is taking various feedback with how they want to proceed with the UFO. Based on my brief time with it felt ready for primetime and hoping Alienware keeps pushing forward with it.

Would you be interested to see Dell Alienware bring this to the masses?

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