If you’re not running a dash cam in 2019, what are you waiting for? I’m sure you’ve all seen those videos on YouTube where people catch unbelievable accidents on the road, but what if that were you? Without video, it’s difficult to tell exactly who is at fault especially when there’s always two side to a story. With a dash cam, there’s three – yours, theirs, and the truth. So needless to say, you need one.

So what should you look for in a dash cam in 2019? That’s a good question seeing as 2019 has seen a lot of advancements in this segment. From what I’ve seen thus far, here’s a good list of what you should look for:

  • 1080p resolution or better
  • Parking mode
  • Companion app
  • Rear Camera (optional)
  • Smart features (optional)
  • Interior view (optional)

This year, there are some great choices and these are all a step up from what we saw in 2018 so you really can’t go wrong with any of these. With that said, here’s our top 5 dash cams for 2019 in no particular order.


Thinkware Q800 Pro

The Thinkware Q800 Pro is the company’s latest flagship dash cam. Encased in an industry award-winning design lies a new optical lens and an improved 5.14MP Sony STARVIS image sensor that delivers clear video quality in 2K QHD. Its advanced driver assistance system can warn you of potential forward collisions and lane departures along with alerts for red light cameras and speed cameras. There’s even an optional rear facing camera you can get for it.

Website https://us.thinkware.com/q800pro/
Price – $299.99

Nextbase 522GW

Nextbase redefines what a Dash Cam is capable of with the new Nextbase 522GW. With an array of ground-breaking new features and world’s first’s including Alexa built-in, Emergency SOS and Bluetooth 4.2, these are features not seen before in any other Dash Cam. Key Features include: 1440p HD resolution at 30 fps, Inbuilt Polarising Filter, 3” HD IPS touch screen, 140° viewing angle, 10Hz GPS Module, Bluetooth 4.2 , and Wi-Fi via MyNextbase Connect. We also love it for its optional interchangeable rear-view camera modules that extends its functionality.

Website https://www.nextbase.com/en-us/dash-cams/522gw-dash-cam/
Price – $259.99

70mai Pro

70mai Pro

The 70mai Pro is a sleek, voice activated dash cam that can record video at 2592×1944 with a 140-degree field of view and an aperture of F1.8. It uses a Sony IMX335 sensor to deliver enhanced night vision video and sharp, color-accurate images. Other features include a 2″ full color display, advanced driver assistance system, a parking mode monitor, and a voice controlled user interface. Not only that, its diminutive design makes it easy to conceal behind your rear view mirror. There is also a Lite version if you don’t need some of the more advanced features.

Website https://www.70mai.com/en/dash-cam-pro/
Price – $99.99

PureGear PureCam

PureGear PureCam

The PureGear PureCam was one of the first connected dash cams we looked at this year. By that we mean it has a 4G/LTE connection that made it into a full fledged security system with live streaming, cloud recording, and when combined with the built-in GPS, allowed you to find your vehicle. It recorded video at 1080p and had an interior facing camera too that recorded at 720p that also had IR for night vision. Other features included a huge 4″ IPS LCD display, ODB-II power source, and Wi-Fi connectivity for the optional companion app. Of note, you will need a subscription for the live connected features.

Website https://shoppurecam.com/purecam
Price – $199.99



The Owlcam is a newcomer here on G Style that already blows many of the dash cams we’ve looked at in the past out of the water. While we don’t quite have a review up for it yet, we will have a full review for it soon in the next week or so. Let’s start with the usual features first. It records video at 1440p and has an interior camera that records at 720p. It has an LCD touchscreen, built in storage, and is powered via ODB-II port. Now what makes the Owlcam a real standout are its live features, thanks to its constant 4G/LTE connection. With it you can live view your vehicle from anywhere with your smartphone, get video alerts if there’s a break-in, and get live operator assistance in the event that a car crash is detected. There’s even voice activated control for hands-free use. On top of that, you get 1-year free 4G/LTE service.

Website https://owlcam.com/
Price – $349.00

And there you have it folks. Those are our top 5 recommendations this holiday season for dash cams. Again, I can’t stress enough how important we think having a dash cam in your vehicle is and it’s an often overlooked device that everyone should have. They’re easy to install and small investment you make in them could save you tons of the money down the line, especially in the even of an accident or even a traffic violation. Every bit of evidence you have helps.

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