Sonic Racing

SEGA today announced that two of their most beloved games are now available to Apple Arcade members. Subscribers can play both ChuChu Rocket! Universe and Sonic Racing, both exclusive to the Apple Arcade service. Perfect for gamers while also suitable for the entire family, both games fit with SEGA’s DNA: finely-tuned gameplay coated with stunning graphics and a frantic multiplayer experience.

Sonic Racing

Sonic Racing is inspired by the critically acclaimed console title released in May: Team Sonic Racing. It features Artificial Intelligence-controlled team members, new tracks, and a number of unlockable characters. The road is yours. Take it now!

  • 15 tracks split across 5 Zones
  • Build your ideal team from 15 characters from the Sonic universe
  • 15 spectacular power ups (Wisps) to help overcome rival teams and get ahead
  • Practice mode, online multiplayer with global matchmaking, private races with friends
  • Event participation will grant rewards – Challenges will allow even more rewards!
ChuChu Rocket! Universe

ChuChu Rocket! Universe is the long-awaited sequel to the legendary Dreamcast Arcade Puzzle game ChuChu Rocket!. Featuring space mice (the ChuChus) and space cats (the KapuKapus), this sequel is a brand new game using the same incredibly simple gameplay that made it a success two decades ago.

  • Over 100 mind-bending 3D puzzles to solve as players will travel through 12 surprising and delightful constellations
  • Puzzle mode, challenge mode and boss battle
  • Jump into a four-player quick match or invite your friends to join you in a multiplayer battle
  • Master every Constellation and collect all the Achievements!

Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket! Universe are available now, exclusively on Apple Arcade.

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