The last time I looked at a myGEKOgear item, it was a dash cam. This time, it’s something completely different that’s more mechanical and something you probably didn’t know you needed. I’m talking about the myGEKOgear MagiClaw which is a versatile claw mount that allows you to go hands-free with a variety of devices.

The main aspect of the MagiClaw is that it is literally a claw that can grab on to various things that you wouldn’t normally be able to use a mount on. For instance, the MagiClaw can grab onto to bookshelves, banisters, and even branches. It can do this because the MagiClaw has a rubber coating on it that lets it grip to almost any kind of surface. What you grab with it though has to be about less then 3-inches for it to work properly.

Now you can use the MagiClaw with a few different devices thanks to the type of mount it has. It has a camera mount so you can use it with action cameras or regular cameras. If you want to use it with your smartphone, just attach the included phone mount. It can be attached in one of two ways for versatility and once on, can be adjusted to almost any angle.

In terms of usefulness, the myGEKOgear MagiClaw is actually pretty good. With cameras, it’s an interesting “tripod” that can go places most tripods can’t. It’s small and makes it easy to carry around in a bag or purse. With smartphone usage, it makes for a great smartphone stand if you want to watch a movie without holding it. The mount can accommodate smartphones with about a 3.35-inch width.

With all that said, the myGEKOgear MagiClaw isn’t a bad investment all. You’ll be impressed with its versatility and usefulness. You may not have know about it, but this might be one item you’ll keep using once you get it.

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