Cables are an important part of our lives considering most of us are still using them to charge up and sync our devices. While wireless charging is gaining ground, charging with a cable is still the norm. That’s why it’s critical that we have cables that won’t fail on us or fall apart like many OEM cables do. That’s mainly because of the materials they are made of as they just aren’t rugged enough to stand up to the riggers of an active lifestyle. That’s where [FUSE] Chicken’s new Titan C and Shield C ultra-rugged cables come into play. These are some of the toughest cables you’ll find on the market that won’t get frayed or torn.

First up is the [FUSE] Chicken Shield C cable. This is a 1 meter cable made of stainless steel chainmail. The 10,000+ chainmail links are ultra strong and will withstand anything you throw at it. Not only that, it also has durable aluminum sleeved tips for extra toughness. Aside from the ruggedness, it functions just like any other cable.

Next up is the [FUSE] Chicken Titan C cable which is an Industrial-grade cable, wrapped in two layers of high-strength steel, with permanently sealed connectors featuring a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics. If you want heavy duty, this is the cable to get. I’ve never seen a cable of this nature that’s nearly indestructible and can’t even be cut by a chainsaw.

With that said, I’d say the [FUSE] Chicken Titan C and Shield C are the two toughest cables I’ve ever used. If you live an active lifestyle or even if you have children or pets, these might be the cables for you. They’ll withstand almost anything you can throw at them and any amount of abuse. They come in these configurations: USB-A to MFI Certified Lightning, USB-A to USB C, USB C to MFI Certified Lightning, and USB C to USB C.

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