I make it pretty clear and public knowledge that Astro gaming is one of my favorite gaming hardware companies. Ever since my introduction to them, I’ve been pretty ride or die for the company. When I game at the main screen I’m using the A50s, and when I’m at my Macbook in the home office, I tend to use the A20s. Sure there are quite a few companies that make good hardware, but the quality and design of Astro’s gears keep me happy. So when the chance came up to test out their new C40 TR controller, a new product from their normal headset routine I was more than ready to check it out!

Astro C40 TR Brings A Familiar Feeling Back

The very first time I used a pair of Astro gaming headsets, it took my gaming skills or more awareness to another level. Before then I was using whatever pair of headphones I had around and that was good enough. However when I gamed with a pair of Astro gaming headsets and for games especially like Call of Duty, it took my awareness to a different level. I was able to hear things I never heard before. I could now hear slight noises, people sneaking up and more and was able to react to that faster and die less haha.

Now make no mistake I still die quite more than I would like to haha, but I’ve gotten better because of the Astro hardware. The C40 TR brings back this feeling. While I do play first person shooters, I haven’t played a lot of the latest games recently. I digged back into the first Division and some Destiny when using this controller. With the C40 I did notice some improvements especially when using the triggers. There is a switch next to them that increases or decreases how hard you have to press them to fire. This help me when I would be shooting targets. I need to pick up the latest Division 2 for a run through and maybe do a follow up.

The C40 TR is definitely a high end controller and with it brings advantages if you are a hardcore game AND assistance if you aren’t so hardcore. Features like back triggers that let’s me keep stay active in the game and fingers ready to shoot at all times. This definitely helps in first person shooter games if someone is running up on me, I’m able to respond better since I’m able to keep my fingers where they need to be.

Then there’s the fact that the C40 TR is highly customizable allowing me to have the layout of the controller in a position that suits how I would like to play, allowing me to be the most comfortable. This level of customization even extends on the software side where you can program your buttons giving you the right precision allowing a better competitive edge. I wasn’t able to use the software for the controller due to the my Macbook being too old and my OS level too low for what is required. The software can be a little wonky and this has been a common complain and not as accessible if you may have older hardware. If you’re on the latest and greatest you should have no problem. Seeing it in a demo however really showed me the level of customization you can do with the buttons and trigger buttons.

Using the C40 TR controller gave me that feeling I had when I first put on a pair of their headsets, it gave me a stepped up feeling.

Gaming with the C40 TR controller feel just right. The battery life is pretty good and the comfortable level using the controller doesn’t distract from the game. When it comes to make the customizations with practice you’ll be able to get the top cover off and things switched around in short order. Truly this is a great controller to use and more than likely my new only way I’ll play haha.

The Astro C40 TR Is a High End Controller

Make no mistake when you go to the store to possibly pick up one of these controller, you will be dropping some coin. The C40 TR comes in at $199.99. Is it worth it at this price? For one thing, quality won’t be a factor in this decision. Astro gaming has always put out products of great quality, the C40s are no different. It is a solid design that feels good in use. The build quality is good, it doesn’t feel cheap. It has a weight to it, but not so where you would feel fatigue after some time gaming. The design of the button placement, the back triggers, and the customization you can do with the analog sticks on top makes for a great high end controller choice.

Is it worth the price? Honestly this is going to come down to what kind of gamer you are? Are you a hardcore gamer, who wants that competitive edge, yes you’ll want these. Are you a more casual gamer who craves the finer things in terms of your gaming hardware? Yea you’ll want this. Do you have the budget for a $199.99 gaming controller? Well that’s the real question. If so I’d say to definitely pick these up.

Great Controller With a Few Trade Offs

While I definitely say these are worth picking up, there are a couple things to note. For one is in how you would use this controller for say the PS4. If you love to use your controller in a wired setup up, they provide a cable to use with it. However you won’t just be putting in any USB cable in there as the slot on the controller is shaped to fit their cable, and you may find others you have around may not fit. Now if you’re like me and it is all wireless everything, you’ll need to use the included dongle they provide for this. This means one less USB slot on your PS4 to use. One other minor gripe is as customizable as this controller is, you can’t customize reprogram the touchpad button and you can’t move the Triangle/Square/X/Circle area. I wish I could take that out and move it as well, but those are hard set in its location. This aren’t deal breakers, but worth noting.

To wrap up, if you want a competitive edge or just want to play with the best stuff out there, the Astro C40 controller is something you’ll want to be looking into. The $199.99 price is a little steep (you’ll be able to buy several regular controllers for that price), but if you got it go for it…..or convince someone to pick it up you as a gift haha!

Also make sure to check out our unboxing of the Astro C40 TR Controller if interested

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