Can a blind person use a smartphone?

It’s a valid question, and the answer would be yes. It’s possible now!

Well, no one designed an App or OS that aids the blind or visually impaired. Instead, a mobile company has designed a phone geared towards the blind, and this phone is making headlines.

We are going to discuss this phone, how it helps the visually impaired, and is it an idea well executed or not. So, stick with us!

Is it For Real?

Before we discuss the phone, it would be a lot better if we discussed the issue at hand. About 9% of adults alone in the US have issues in seeing, even if they wear glasses or contact lenses. The story doesn’t end here; a staggering 15% of Americans have issues in the hearing.

Smartphone technology is continuously improving, and fortunately, it took notice of this grim reality. Large screens and complex applications aren’t the only way towards a better future. Instead, it is developing a way for less fortunate to take advantage of this incredible technology.

This is exactly what RAZ Mobility did when they designed the Lucia Phone.

Tell Me More About it

RAZ Mobility is a provider of mobile assistive tech. Recently, it introduced a new mobile phone which caters to the needs of people suffering from low vision, bad hearing or complete blindness. The device features large tactile buttons in various colors and shapes.

It comes installed with a voice guide and SOS Button. The large high contrast display shows enlarged text and has easy to adjust audio settings. It’s a unique device that was developed right from scratch. It addresses the needs of people who have trouble seeing and hearing. It even helps people suffering from cognitive issues.

Where is This Phone Available?

This phone is only available in the US (at this moment). Fortunately, it works with every carrier in the country, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. RAZ Mobility partnered with the Swiss Phone company, Lucia to make this product. It’s currently available in the US, but they are plans to launch this phone in Mexico and Canada soon with some other regions.

What About the Manufacturer?

RAZ Mobility has been working in the communication sector for years. It’s not a well-known name, and there is a perfectly sane reason behind it. This company designs products and offers its services to state government agencies instead of selling directly to consumers. Yes, it works closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Non-Profit Organizations, and Wireless Providers.

Did it Solve Anything?

It’s a valid question (jokes aside)! A phone that is designed for the visually impaired seems like a Dream and RAZ has turned this dream into a reality. But the question remains, does it solve anything?

Well, the phone has been tested numerous times, and it helped people suffering from visual impairment and hearing issues. The device was in development for the past two years. There was significant demand for such a device, and we can’t understand why companies were ignoring it. As for its effectiveness for blind users, there is a lot of room for improvement.

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