Next week on June 4th, the third installment of the Destiny 2 annual pass kicks off with the Season of Opulence. Today, Bungie released the trailer for the upcoming third season and what we can expect from it.

Judging by what we can see in the trailer, Calus seems to be back again and manipulating things and it looks like we’re back on the Leviathan fighting off some new enemies and bad ass Vex hydra. The new raid is called the Crown of Sorrows and it’ll go live six hours after the initial Destiny 2 update.

Each season thus far has had a three month cycle and Bungie released the timeline for the Season of Opulence. Of course you’ll get some new raid gear, the new menagerie with the menagerie being like the escalation protocol and Prison of elders in terms of horde/wave style of play. It also has a boss and we’ll get an Iron banner Quest and it wouldn’t be Destiny if they didn’t bring back a popular legacy weapon and this time it’s the Truth rocket launcher which if not for the Gjallarhorn would have been the best rocket launcher in D1. That’ll be interesting to see if the Truth sparks an interest in using rocket launchers again because it’s seriously good.


June 4th – Season of Opulence BEGINS

June 4th – Menagerie activity and Crown of Sorrow RAID

June 11th – Menagerie BOSS appears

June 18th – Iron Banner and Iron Banner quest begins

June 26th – Menagerie Heroic Mode

July 2nd – Moments of Triumph and Lumina quest

Destiny fans can rejoice about the new content coming. Finally, we get a new raid and the content for the Season of Opulence appears to be the best so far. I’m intrigued so if you haven’t by now, get as close to 700 light level as you can because joining the raid will depend on it and being able to be effective in the other events does as well. The reset before the Season of Opulence has just begun yesterday so you still have time. Don’t wait. This season looks to be good.

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