Division 2 players that have been playing to get to World Tier 5 and a gear score over 500 have been wondering what to do now that they’ve achieved Division 2 level goals. Players of the Division 2 were aware that the raid was in fact coming but when was unknown. Well, the wait is officially over as Ubisoft has officially announced that the 8-man “OPERATION DARK HOURS” raid will be playable on May 16th

The raid will take place at Washington Airport and from the looks of the trailer there seems to be specialist jobs for the raid. So whatever style of play suits you best you can choose that specialist for the raid. I can’t quite tell if you can use your own playable character or a character to choose from but either way, the raid looks intense and the battle to take back the airport is on. Make sure you get in for the drops exclusive to raid and not to mention the bragging rights of completing the raid.

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