I always been big on scents especially in the home. Nothing like walking into your house and get welcomed by a lovely smell to ease your long day. Now for my household I have relied heavily on Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. They have a crazy variety of refills and the prices aren’t bad when on sale. So recently I heard about Moodo which is supposed to be a diffuser of scents smart home style. It has a wild assortment of scents which you could customize to go off at different times or together. Just how did it fare over my past few weeks of using it?

Moodo comes as a square shaped box which is a little over 4x4in all around. On top it houses four slots that can be filled with their scent capsules. Each capsule has its own scent. Think of it as Keurig K-Cups which have their own flavor when you pop em in the machine. There are buttons on the Moodo to activate each scent capsule and controls to shorten or intensify the aromas. It has an AC adapter, so it can be on continuously. It has a built-in battery, so you can move it around the house, but I kept it in the same spot. Depending on your décor or placement Moodo can look nice in the home with its all white colorway or the black version we were provided.

Deciding where to setup and plug the Moodo was easy. Getting it all to work though was a tedious task.  I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work with my Wi-Fi and only way to do so was going thru some hotspot snafu alternative that Moodo suggested in its guide. Once that happened it was eventually up and running on my network. There is the ability of then syncing it with your favorite smart home platform. I have Alexa and Google Home, so I have it connected with each of those. Firing off commands to the Moodo worked at times. Trying to set parameters and options via the app was 50/50 and not the most pleasing. Sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn’t. Moodo has a fan that blows out the aroma from the scent capsules. The capsules themselves contain beads soaked in fragrance oil.

As far as the aroma I felt Moodo’s scent capsules smell good and a couple of them are very strong in presence such as “Precious Spices”. They were able to fill up my living room quickly and you could tell the mixes in scents that were going on.  Moodo’s capsules come in bundles of four and go for $30. On the package it states they could last for 60 days. That’s IF you follow the correct usage. 60 days is 1hr daily at 100% intensity. If you left it running like I did at half fan speed I got a little over a week out of it.  

While I enjoyed the look and scents of Moodo, I feel the software itself is rather buggy. It’s a pain to setup and even once its up and running its wonky at best of getting things set the way you want it. Also, if you aren’t careful or aware of the usage of capsules you can literally blow through them in a week’s time. At $30 a pack that’s costly if you want to use them often.  Moodo itself retails at $139.99 but right now is $99 including one capsule pack.  You can also find some bundles on Amazon as well.

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