The smallest of the three from the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones is the Galaxy S10e. It’s a 5.8” device that is roughly the same size of the iPhone X/XS but looks like a miniature next to its larger siblings. With its smaller size also comes a relatively decreased price but with some takeaways. There is no on-screen fingerprint sensor and less cameras. But will you even miss them? I been messing with the Galaxy S10e for the past month and I can see why it’s the sleeper hit of the Galaxy S10 line.


So, while I been thoroughly impressed with the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy S10e hasn’t been far behind from grabbing my attention. Samsung made sure even though the S10e is the least expensive of the bunch it didn’t treat it like the black sheep of the crew either. For starters you are getting a 5.8” Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Display with 438ppi. With a smaller display you are only getting one camera on the front giving you that “hole punch” look and Samsung has kept the display flat rather than adding curved edges to each side. Its still almost virtually no bezel and looks splendid with a 1080p resolution. It is missing the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor but has a replacement that you will find just as good.

Like its larger siblings it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, dual speakers that support Dolby Atmos, and a Type-C port for fast charging and synching. Volume controls on the left side with a Bixby button underneath and the Power button on the right side that holds a new feature this year.

Taking a cue from Apple’s less expensive iPhone XR, the S10e has a wild variety of colors with Prism White, Black, Green, Blue and even a Canary Yellow or the standout Flamingo Pink.


The Galaxy S10e while smaller and not as pricey still manages to keep a lot under the hood and it shows. For starters its equipped with a Qualcolmm Snapdragon 855 processor and Adreno 640 GPU, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It does have options for more RAM at 8GB and more memory at 512GB, but you more than likely be fine with the base model. I have used it to play some mobile games even so much as Fortnite and runs without any type of lag. Wireless and Fast charging are available for its 3,100mah capacity and you can do the Wireless Powershare if you want to give someone or another device some juice. I been satisfied with the battery on the S10e and will get you through most of your workday.

As I stated earlier, the S10e opted out including the Fingerprint ID in display and went for changing the power button into its own fingerprint sensor. Unless the other models, the S10e power button is indented for fingerprint reading. Frankly I think it’s a great option and enjoy using it more than the ultrasonic one on the S10+. I been using power button/fingerprint reader combos on my MateBook laptop devices, so I welcome it here from Samsung on the Galaxy S10e. I do find it harder sometimes to quickly double tap to activate the quick launch for the camera though.


Samsung has the Galaxy S10 series phones with the latest Android 9.0 Pie update and in the process reinvented their software calling it OneUI. Its fluid, its fast and its easy to get used to. I like how the notifications look on here whether previewing on the lock screen or from the navigation bar. Dark mode is also available on OneUI which has always been better on the eyes or you just like that vibe. For me it’s been a little of both. If you have an older Galaxy S or Note device (8 and up) it may already be available to get OneUI or is hopefully on its way.


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With it having a smaller frame than the S10/S10+ it also has less cameras. Those phones have Triple Rear Cameras while the S10e has Dual Cameras on the back. You are still getting the same 12MP main lens and the 16MP Ultra-Wide Lens but are just missing out on the Telephoto. Depending on your picture taking I would say the Telephoto won’t be sorely missed or noticed. You are still able to snap some colorful wide ranged photos with the smaller handheld. Also, with the S10e you are getting 10MP on the front and missing out on the RGB Depth Camera. I do miss the more detailed selfies of the S10+ but you can still work with the lens on here.

Availability / Services

The Galaxy S10e is available on all U.S. carriers but for this review I been using it solely on the Verizon LTE network. Making calls on it has been crystal clear and its been good on building penetration.

In my apartment complex signal reception is pretty bad but with VZW I been able to get at least 10-15Mbps/down while on T-Mobile hoping to get at least 1Mbps.

In some prime areas I have gotten at least 200+ Mbps/down which is awesome especially while streaming content. That 4G LTE coverage does wonders.


Samsung made a smart move with the Galaxy S10e. It targets those that still want a Galaxy S device but may not need all the extra bells and whistle that create that $899-999 price point some can’t afford. It packs a punch in the hardware department with its processing power and even with its 1080p display still looks good. Some will actually favor the power button fingerprint sensor over the in-screen versions on the higher models.

Galaxy S10e is available for $749.99 via Verizon online or in-store with trade-in deals and offers that can save you up to $650 off and comes in various colors. It is also available on other carriers as well.

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