We’re so thankful that it’s 2019! All of the wedding information, reviews, and guides you could ask for are available on popular wedding websites right at your fingertips, and that list includes Apps. But, there are so many out there it’s almost impossible to tell which ones are the best wedding planning apps to use. It wouldn’t be practical to use dozens of apps for one event, so you’ll need to narrow down your choices. That’s where we come in. We’ve tested them all – or at least as many as we could get our hands on – so that you don’t have to.

We found a few that ‘do it all’ and a few specialty apps for specific scenarios. Keep reading to find out which wedding app is best for you.

Wedding Planner by The Knot

This is simply one of the best wedding planning apps available on the market, and it’s Free! This app comes complete with personalized checklists, budget planning, venue tours, budget planning, and over a quarter-million wedding vendors to help you supply your big day. This wedding checklist app truly does it all.


This wedding planning app is extremely Guest-Centric (also free to download and use), allowing you to coordinate RSVPs and providing easy-to-use photo collection and sharing. Think of it as your own personal Pinterest making creating your wedding photo album a breeze. This is our pick for best wedding planning tools to keeping your guests engaged.

Wedding Countdown

There is more than one wedding timeline app out there. In fact there are dozens, and outside of keeping you on your toes and reminding you about the anniversary they aren’t incredibly helpful. Wedding Countdown is the exception. Yes you get the standard countdown to the I DO second, but you also get custom counters like heartbeats and kisses along with personalized songs and pics. From our list top wedding apps, this is hands-down the best countdown tech.

Wedding Wire

Wedding organizer apps are great for checklist (this one included) but where Wedding Wire shines is the marketplace. The most stressful component of planning a wedding is all of the choices and how to make them, you’ll almost always second guess yourself. With this simple wedding planner, you can browse tons of vendors and venues. Filter, check the reviews, get the best. This is clearly the best wedding venue app to help with your location search.

Honeyfund Wedding Registry

Things aren’t like they used to be and this wedding list app knows it. With the economy, student debt, and the housing market the way it is, asking for money in lieu of gifts is no longer taboo. Let your guest send cash donations towards your registry items, education, honeymoon, and all of the other expenses that go along with starting a life together. This wedding budget app will keep your bridal finances in check.

LadyMarry Wedding Planner 

The best wedding apps offer checklists AND advice along the way, and Wedding Happy does just that. You can also consider this your go-to wedding dress app. LadyMarry connects you with bridal boutiques and all sorts of wedding vendors, all while keeping you organized.

Carats & Cake

You see it all the time. You open up your favorite wedding advice website and there’s plenty of text helping you with what you need. But the first thing you see is an amazing wedding photo and you ask yourself “how can I get that?”. Wedding Lookbook uses pics from real weddings and provides you a direct path to how you can book that venue or where you can buy that gown. Use this tech to assemble your entire team of caterers, photographers, and everyone else you need. Definitely one of your must-have apps for wedding planners on the go. We know that you have hundreds (okay maybe thousands) and that sorting through all of them to find the one that works for you can be stressful. There’s nothing worse than getting your entire wedding party and guest list to download that wedding app only to find out you chose the wrong one. We had tons of fun testing everything for you and hope that we were able to narrow the choices down for you.

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