Valentine's day

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the #1 dilemma on everybody’s mind is, what should I get my significant other? The obvious choices are always flowers, some kind of intimate dinner plans, jewelry, or sweets of some sort. But what if you want to switch it up? What if you’d rather get him/her the gift of tech, some kind of gadget that you think they would really enjoy and cherish over an experience that’ll last one day or flowers that eventually die and chocolates that may or may not be eaten? That’s the question I’m asking of you today and will hopefully get an answer to.

I’m of the mindset that I’d rather not spend money on items like flowers or chocolates because those just seem like things you get every year. Like I said above, flowers die and I know for sure those chocolates never get finished. I do however believe in some kind of intimate dinner, whether it be at a really nice restaurant you both enjoy or a romantic night in. You can really never go wrong with jewelry when it comes to “things” but what about tech? I know I always see posts from other sites about top items to give your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but most of the time these gadgets don’t seem very romantic. Like how would your wife or girlfriend feel if you gave her something like a vacuum cleaner, air fryer, a new phone, or headphones?

For me, I know my wife would be pretty upset because that’s just not her thing. She loves fresh flowers and she’s always down for new jewelry. She wants something more personal and romantic. The one year I got her a Kindle was a big mistake and one that will never be repeated again. So with that, I usually just play it safe now since it keeps her happy.

But that’s just my example. Your situation might be different. Let me know what your experiences have been like on Valentine’s Day when it comes to gift giving. Should you gift a gift of tech on Valentine’s Day or save that for something like a birthday or Christmas?

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