If you’ve been following our dash cam coverage throughout 2018, you know that I love these things. I will never hit the road without a dash cam now because of all the uncertainties that can happen. You might be the best driver in the world, but I can guarantee that right next to you is the worst driver in the world just waiting to cause an accident. What better way to protect yourself than with solid evidence from a dash cam that protects you from the “he said, she said” game. With that said, Nextbase was my top pick in 2018 for dash cams and it looks like 2019 is going to be another big year for them.

Nextbase is introducing some really unique features in their Series 2 dash cams not currently found on dash cams. Features such as Nextbase Emergency SOS that will provide emergency response services to the motorists’ location in the event of being unresponsive after an incident. The alert also sends crucial data to emergency services including GPS positioning for a faster response, and crucial medical data to assist in treatment.  Nextbase emergency SOS is a feature that will help drivers at their time of most need and has the potential save many lives.

Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cams will also include built-in Amazon Alexa support, and Autosync, which allows pre-cropped video files to send automatically to a driver’s smartphone. In the event of an incident this feature allows users to seamlessly share footage straight to insurers, or other nominated destination, using the MyNextbase Connect App.

Additional features of the revolutionary Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam range include:

  • Image Quality – Building on Nextbase Series 1 sector leading image quality, Series 2 uses the very latest Ambella solutions and Sony Sensors, which combined with Nextbase’s unique knowledge and own IP, delivers unrivaled image quality day and night
  • Rear View, Rear Window, Cabin View and Radar Modules – the first Dash Cam range to let drivers choose their level of protection and personalization, by having multiple secondary Camera options, along with trailblazing radar technology to offer predictive parking mode
  • Incident Aware – a unique feature that works in conjunction with AutoSync allows incident footage to be instantly uploaded to an insurer, or third party on command of the user
  • Nextbase Click&Go Pro Mount – building on the success of the mount used in the previous range, the new Series 2 mount uses a magnetic ‘auto guide’ mounting and also delivers power, meaning the Dash Cam itself is cable free
  • Intelligent Parking Mode on all models – offers protection to the vehicle even when the user is parked, by sensing contact and recording the incident
  • MyNextbase Connect App – fully upgraded software suite with in-house built App and playback software for Androids/iOS, PC and online at
  • Smaller and more discrete – 35% smaller that Nextbase Series 1, making for a more discrete application
  • IPS touch screens – IPS screens used on all models to ensure crisp and clear playback, partnered with touch screen on 322GW/422GW/522GW for increased control and functionality.

Nextbase plans to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation with cutting-edge technology that is accessible to consumers of every demographic, a belief that is based in the sole purpose of protecting motorists by capturing unrivaled quality video footage.


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