Long time favorite brand here at G Style, SOL REPUBLIC was definitely a brand we had much love for. We review the heck out of the brand from the Tracks HD, to the Master Tracks, to the original Shadow Wireless, and then finally the original AMPS Air. How many of these reviews took place back and 2015 and the AMPS Air briefly in 2017. Much time has passed since SOL REPUBLIC brought out something new and there has been devoted fans (including myself) who have been hoping they release the Master Tracks in a wireless form. SOL REPUBLIC hasn’t really jumped in with a new product within this new arena of wireless Bluetooth devices until now. Now that they have, will it be a the forefront of what you want to buy, we’ll we be shouting “shut up and take my money!”, or will what they come out be little too late?

Today SOL REPUBLIC announced the launch of a line of wireless devices to come in out in 2019. Ranging from around the neck and truly wireless earbuds to finally their first on ear and over ear headphones. The later which really caught my attention. Not exactly the Master Tracks we were expecting, but it looks like a evolution of the Tracks HD and Master Tracks line. The new line up is as follows

SHADOW FUSION WITH TILE Integration: The reinvented Shadow Fusion in-ear wireless earphones combine innovative comfort with the most up to date technology through their Tile integration. An upgrade to the brand’s popular Shadow Wireless headphones, the integrated flexible knit-tech fabric enhances an ultra light, foldable collar, designed to keep a low profile while providing a SOL REPUBLIC signature high-performance audio experience. Premium materials and thoughtful details including magnetic earbuds and a flexible design allow for ultimate portability. MAP: $129.99. On sale February 2019.

FREESTYLE WIRELESS: An evolution on the popular active in-ear wireless models, the Freestyle Wireless offers improved stability, comfort and tech. Elliptical fins are crafted from silicone with multiple fitting options for a universal, comfortable fit that’s easy to put in, and won’t fall out. The Freestyle Wireless offers a 8-hour battery life, rain and sweat resistance (IPX5) and a microphone well suited for communications so users can take them from the gym to the office. MAP $79.99. On sale July 2019.

Now probably the most exciting of their new line up below!

AMPS AIR +: The next level of true wireless earbuds, without sacrificing awareness of the world you work and play in. Following the 1.0 and 2.0, the Amps Air + are a brand-first ANC true wireless earbud offering digital ANC with ambient environment awareness, improved fit, stability and technology. The sweat and element proof design (IPX5) allows for active listening with a 5-hour playtime and slim case providing 4x charges. MAP $199.99. On sale October 2019.

SOUNDTRACK: Foldable, portability redesigned. Embodying the popular SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD headphones, the Soundtrack on-ear wireless headphones provide high-quality sound with extended deep base and a 30-hour battery life for prolonged listening. Complete with microphone and on-board controls, the Soundtrack Wireless are a solid, sleek listening companion. MAP $149.99. On sale July 2019.

SOUNDTRACK PRO ANC: An extension of the Soundtrack Wireless headphones, the Soundtrack Pro ANC over-ear wireless offers 24+ hour battery life (with ANC and Bluetooth or AUX line in, 48 hours with Bluetooth only) for a day’s worth of noise cancellation and high-performance listening through 40mm drivers. The memory foam Sonicsoft™ ear cushions provide long-wearing comfort for the user whose life is music. MAP $199.99. On sale October 2019.

Now while these do sound very interesting to say the least, in 2019 these headphones just may be missing a few features you might expect for a bluetooth headphones or earbuds. As I looked through all the spec and feature information present, I noticed a lack of “smart” integration. No Alexa, no Google, no assistance of any kind. And seeing as how many headphones released in mid to late 2018 had this, you would think for 2019 this would have been included as well (especially with the Soundtrack PRO which isn’t being released until OCTOBER 2019!). Also not noted was any possible USB-C connection for the charger. While the information says it comes with a USB charger, it doesn’t say what it will be. We can hope for USB-C. Time will tell for the SOUNDTRACK and SOUNDTRACK PRO ANC. As a fan of the brand, I just hope once we finally get some on and over headphones, they aren’t still stuck in 2018!

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