Operation Absolute Zero

Did someone say free, man Activision and Treyarch are on a role. First Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was free back in June for PS4 and now Operation Absolute Zero update for Black Ops 4 will be free for PS4. Sorry to all my XBOX fans, we still love you though. The trailer shows new maps, new ways to personalize outfits and weapons, also introduces Agent Zero.

Meet Agent Zero:

Agent Zero is a powerful hacker whose ability to hack is deadly. Agent Zero will bring counter measures to multiplayer, meaning if someone has a sentry gun Zero can take it over. I have to say that is pretty dang cool man, I can’t wait to do that to some in gameplay. Agent Zero is unlocked when you complete Tier 1 in the new Black Market. Once players do that they can go ahead and have some fun with all the cool things she possess.

Click Here to can get further details on other aspects of the update from the link listed below.

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