If you missed The Game Awards last night then you missed out on some great game getting their just due for being great all year. In the middle of all those awards we were able to see trailers for some upcoming games indie and all. One of those trailers that brought about excitement was the new trailer for Mortal Kombat 11.

The trailer shows off a battle between Raiden and Scorpion and it’s seriously bloody and gory. You see them kickin the sh-t out of each other and stabbing each other until finally Raiden finishes off Scorpion only for Scorpion to return on fire and chop Raiden’s head off. All of this happening with a new 21 Savage track playing in the background. There is a community launch event on January 17 and the global launch is April 23rd 2019. You can also pre-order and get to play as Shao Khan which is a plus for Mortal fans. Check out the trailer and keep in mind it’s NSFW and don’t watch it with small children. Enjoy

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