LiveXLive’s LiveZone launches December 14.


A few weeks back me and my fellow G Style colleague Mike got to have a nice sit down with the CEO of LiveXLive Rob Ellin.

He gave us some insight about LiveXLive and how it can fill a void that is currently in the music industry. His goal is to bring the music, concerts and festivals back to the fans. Especially those that don’t access to them. Back in the day we had channels such as MTV, VH1 and BET which have veered away mostly from what got them on the map and now look heavily upon reality and scripted shows. Even their extended channels such as MTV2 and BET Soul which were supposed to have music slowly cut away as well.
This is where LiveXLive comes into play and can be end up being called the ESPN of the music industry. LiveXLive has already brought you streaming content from some of the hottest festivals around the world such as “Life is Beautiful”, “EDC Orlando” and a slew of others. Speaking with Rob he mentioned how you be surprised how many festivals are going on weekly even monthly on average.

The next festival they will be streaming is Rolling Loud 2018 in LA which have some of the biggest names in hip hop such as Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Rich the Kid and the list goes on.

LiveXLive’s LiveZone launches December 14.

Rolling Loud 2018 is also where they will be launching LiveZone. It will be an on-site live music show that will take you all around the venue on the stage, into the crowd and after the show. You can read more about LiveZone HERE and how it gets you some of the news or questions you may have for artists. Fans will have the opportunity to communicate and interact via social media platforms and chat right from the comfort of their own home.
LiveXLive has a tremendous amount of folks from within the industry to try to mold this into a must-see music platform. Having attended numerous festivals and concerts it’s nothing like being at a live event. The people, atmosphere, all different walks of life and cultures.


LiveXLive can be accessed via their website and they also have a YouTube channel as well.

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