Call of Duty Black Ops 4

The Call of Duty Franchise has been around since 2003, but the Black Ops version was released in 2010. Since its release in 2010, it’s been the most anticipated version of Call of Duty. Black Ops 4 is one of the best versions of Call of Duty to date as it came with the release of Blackout. This is the franchise’s first attempt at the battle royal style game play. Which was an excellent move for the franchise as players enjoyed playing it during its Beta. Black Ops 4 also brought other modes which would challenge the player. It’s been a few months since the release of Black Ops 4 and since its release they have updated it a few times giving players more maps and other things to keep them busy.

Gun Game:

Gun Game is a fun mode as it takes some skill to get to the next level of gun. The only way to move on to the next weapon is to get a kill with the one you are holding. You start out with a hand gun, after that you move on to a pistol, after that you move on to a shot gun, and with each kill you switch until you end up with a knife. Once you get to 20 kills and get that final kill with a knife you win. This mode allows the players to get a feel of each weapon class, which honestly assists in weapon selection when creating classes in other game modes.

This is one of my favorite game modes, I like the fast killing pace. I also like the fact that you must have some skill to move up. It’s a high-pressure situation, as it forces you to get kills to get to a better weapon along with preventing other players from getting those better weapons before you. If you don’t get kills quickly your chances of moving from that weapon to another weapon decreases. You want to climb that weapon ladder quickly to stay in the race. Once people start getting assault rifles it makes it harder for people with the pistol to get kills.



Heist is like Gun Game except you stash money and must purchase your weapons and other perks. This game mode is fun as your team should be the first to grab the cash or kill the entire opposing team. What makes this fun is if you build up enough cash you can purchase anything you would want or need for the next match. You can spend all your money on getting Kill Streaks and drop an air strike on the other team’s spawn. You could invest that money into weapons, perks, and other peripherals to use in battle. Either way if your team wins your bank will stay full.

This approach is a mode that if you can gather a six-man squad you can dominate things. The game gives you the tools to achieve that goal. The overall idea is to keep that bank filled with money for the next round of damage. The more money you and your team have the more you control the game and the result.


Blackout is Call of Duty’s answer to all the large map battle royal games, but they did it bigger and better. They created a realistic weapon and world experience for players. You will drop down into a world where you not only locate weapons but other needed items to survive. Thus, utilizing the vehicles and environment around you to avoid and take cover from other players. You have the choice of using a helicopter, truck, boat, or a quad (Four-wheel Vehicle). This makes the movement across the map to navigate from the storm easier and even escape from multiple enemies.

This game mode has several different modes, you can select to go in solo against 100 other players, you can select to go in as a two-man team to take on other duo teams, or you can go in with a four-man squad taking on other four-man teams. Either way the party is all about getting that win and having fun doing it and having fun with the people you play with. The win is exactly where the challenge is at, remember it’s not just 6 other players, or 10 other players, not even 18 other players. You must crawl and fight your way to the top going through 100 other players. The idea of doing that alone can be frightening or intimidating but landing and quickly finding a weapon can help ease things. This builds a certain confidence that prepares you to take on the world.



I am not a huge fan of Zombie mode, some of the previous Call of Duty games with Zombies never really caught my attention. I never really understood it in Black Ops 3 and no one I played with really did either, Granted I might have been playing with Randoms. It turned me off and I never really looked back since. Later into Black Ops 3, players started figuring out what to do and how to move forward easier and achieve a goal. By that time, it was too late, I was not interested. I have played Zombie mode in Black Ops 4 with people that have a solid understanding on what to do. It was different from any of the other Zombie modes. I truly enjoyed the game play and the mechanics of it all. It’s something I will revisit often.

Final Thoughts:

Over the years, I have had a mixed relationship with the Call of Duty franchise especially after Modern Warfare 2. Everything after that wasn’t what I wanted from the franchise. I can honestly say that the Black Ops versions always helped me make my way back. It was something about that style that attracted me, as it was always so dark and had that feel to the game I enjoyed. Black Ops 4 is no different, I am truly pleased with its release and again addicted to playing the game. I am not a huge fan of some of the other battle royal games but I am a huge fan of the version in Black Ops 4. I am still making my way through some of the other game modes, but I should say I am very pleased with the way this game turned out. It put a stop to several things about Call of Duty that started to turn me away.

I like that they are always bringing out new content for players. One of the most recent items has been Nuke Town, which is a great map to battle on. It’s a small space that you could get a good number of kills on and quickly reach kill streaks. Another recent update is a new game mode called safe guard. Which is known for escorting a robot to a safe zone. This has been around for some time, but truly fun to play. I can’t wait to see what the December update is going to bring.


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