Destiny 2 players are some of the most dedicated gamers there is. If you’ve been playing Destiny from the very beginning then you know it’s a great game with a huge community that craves content. Over the years, Bungie has made some really good changes and some really horrible changes. Destiny has always been handled in seasons/years. Each DLC basically represented a new season and usually a new set of enemies to contend with or a new set of enemies with a big bad ass boss. DLC’s were hugely important because it changed the games’ weaponry, added a new raid (If we were lucky), got a new subclass, or a new world altogether. For the most part the DLC’s weren’t too bad but more often than not they gave you a week at the most of new content and then afterwards the struggle to continue began. The “grind” in Destiny and Destiny 2 is fun to a degree but the end game after those grinds rarely felt like it paid off and Bungie found themselves putting out content just to appease the community while not addressing the concerns of the community.

Destiny 2 was a welcome change and since it’s release we’ve gotten two raids and two raid lairs both very well done and the additional content from the Forsaken DLC was pretty good as well. Bungie it seemed really listened to the community. They didn’t get it all right, of course it’s impossible to make the whole community happy but if you watch this new ViDoc ” The Road Ahead” you’ll see that Bungie with the Forsaken annual pass has put together seasons that they intend to last an entire calendar year. There are three seasons that each tell a different story and address a new Vanguard ally and their association to the Guardians. The three seasons are Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter and Season of the Redacted. Awhile back Bungie gave us the blueprint of their direction and starting next week we’ll get our first taste of it all with the Black Armory aka The Season of the Forge. We’ll meet Aida. She is the new mysterious character of Destiny 2 and according to the ViDoc, she doesn’t trust the Guardians and in this season we’ll have to earn her trust and to get her weaponry which means have to do something, a lot of things for her. Expect to see a littany of missions, sidequests and exotic quests to get those new weapons. Also noted in the ViDoc is the fact that there’s a new horde mode, possibly reminiscent of the Prison of Elders and there was also mention of a raid lair. There will also be a new level cap at 650 and a general increase of 50 light levels for each season so 750 should be max light by the time the three seasons end or maybe even 800 (I haven’t even hit 600 yet). Bungie has this new season loaded with content and it looks exciting. Hopefully it’s sustainable enough to last until the next season but who knows. Either way I’m looking forward to it and so should you if you’re a Destiny 2 player. This is big news. Look out for the Season of the Forge on December 4th. Get your last minute grind on before then.

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