My love for the Nintendo Switch has gotten a bit crazy and of course I have put in endless hours on it especially in its portable mode. Of course with some constant usage you can put a Switch out of commission in a few hours time especially playing something graphically intense. I did have a solution using MyCharge’s PowerGame Pack but I wanted something with more juice. This is where Anker came into play with its PowerCore 20100. A huge amount of power and optimized for the Switch. How does it fare for daily gaming use?


If you have ever used an Anker battery they tend to have the same styling. Their PowerCore line is their high-capacity power banks usually hovering around 15k+ and up with juice. The PowerCore 20100 is like how the number states with over 20 thousand mAh. This can give you over two full charges of playing time on your Switch without having to worry. Its licensed by Nintendo and optimized so you won’t have any damage done to the Switch. This is important as while i use the Switch a lot I feel it’s also one of the most fragile devices out there too. The PowerCore allows you to charge to the Switch via Type C to Type C connection. There is also a USB-A port to attach other plugs and charge up anything that doesn’t have Type C capabilities.  There is a button which reveals battery life that lights up on the four battery indicators.

PowerCore 20100 comes with a Type C to Type C cable and a cloth style protection case.


I wanted to see how well this battery pack held up so I would take it with me and use it on my Switch but also other devices such as my Galaxy Note 9. Interestingly enough it supports Quick Charging so I’m able to get my smartphone backup and running in no time. But anyway back to Switch usage. It’s been good on providing the correct amount of juice without overheating or overpowering the Switch.

Also the battery itself charges in a decent of time as sometimes these large batteries take forever to get back to full capacity. Only gripe I have about the PowerCore is that using it to charge and having the Switch in hand is fine but you can’t the utilize the Switch in kickstand mode since the Type C port is on the bottom. It’s not the worst thing in the world but to be mindful of. As I used the MyCharge PowerGame it wrapped around the Switch and it has a kickstand.


Taking care of your Switch is more a task than you realize and making sure it doesn’t suffer any internal damage is important. The PowerCore 20100 does a superb job of making sure this doesn’t happen to the battery and gives you quite a ton of power at a respectable price of $89.99. You also get more value since you can use it to charge other devices besides just your Nintendo Switch. If you want something a bit smaller Anker has a PowerCore 13400 optimized for the Nintendo Switch and its $69.99

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