Adobe Premiere Rush

Whether you’re a blogger or small business, compelling video is a critical part of what makes you stand out in a sea of forgettable sites and social handles. Adobe has long been the standard for non-destructive video editing, but unless you’re a professional videographer or editor, chances are it’s been too intimidating to include in your workflow. Earlier this year, Adobe teased their Project Rush – a new all in one video editing tool with the power of Adobe Premiere and AI, with the simplicity of their Spark mobile editor; now, it’s available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

One App, Many Devices

Premiere Rush brings to users – both advanced and newbies – the first video editing platform with social sharing as its raison d’être. Whether your workflow involves a desktop, mobile device, or both, Adobe’s Premiere Rush promises to allow you to start working on one device and easily save, share, and work on projects from directly from the cloud – start on your project in the office on your desktop and wrap it up from your phone or tablet. Premiere Rush promises that your experience and toolset will be available no matter where you’re working from.

Creativity Powered by AI

One of the biggest concerns for many creatives is sacrificing portability for productivity – Premiere Rush hopes to be the first editing software that manages to balance the convenience of mobile editing with the same powerful tools you’d expect in a desktop experience. Adobe crammed features borrowed from Premiere, Audition, and After Effects including simplified color correction/grading, customizable motion graphic templates, and auto-ducking powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI, to give you professional-grade tools in a much more approachable package.

Adobe Gets Social

The world expects content in multiple formats – blogs, tweets, images, and video; getting your content out to the world as quickly as possible makes the difference in being seen and being an also-ran. While video editing has long been a painstaking process – especially getting your content in the appropriate aspect ratio – Premiere Rush promises to eliminate the headaches of editing for various platforms by incorporating various presets and optimization for all the social channels you use including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Adobe’s Behance.

Pricing, Availability, & the Future

Looking to get your hands on Premiere Rush? Desktop and iOS users can download the app either as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite or from the Apple App Store. There are two tiers of service including a free Starter Pack that gives you access to all of Premiere Rush’s features and lets you work on an unlimited number of projects but restricts you to 3 exports during your free trial. For unlimited exports, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud packages; Premiere Rush starts at $9.99/month for a single user license and is also available as part of the Creative Cloud All Apps package. The mobile app is currently limited to iOS, but Adobe is planning on launching an Android version in 2019.

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