Just when I thought the inside of my home was about done on the smart home side….Google had to go and release the Google Home Hub. Announced at their Made By Google event in NYC on October 9th, the Google Home Hub joins the home line of products that include the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. All are smart speakers with Google Assistant built-in. Now the latest takes the smart speaker with Google Assistance and adds a visual display to it as well. Amazon has the same with the Echo Show. I want to say off the bat that I think the Google Home Hub has the Echo Show beat in looks and pricing. Google Home Hub will be priced at $149 (Echo Show is $229.99) and while the Echo Show is a 10 inch screen vs the 7 inch one on the Home Hub, I think the 7 inch one is the better choice for playing it anywhere without being in the way. But none of this really matters as to the reason I’ll need to redo my interior!

My smart home now on the inside consists of various Google Homes and Google Home Minis in all the rooms in my house. I’m talking I have one in the family room, kitchen, daughter’s room, living room, master bedroom, and my office. We are literally Google Home saturated! But now with the announcement of the Google Home Hub, I’m think I want to replace the Google Homes I have in for now the bedrooms with the Home Hub. The main reason I want to do this is because of a few features.

Use it as the in room clock: Yup quite simply, this will be the coolest digital clock in the room. One that can answer your questions, give you weather reports, commute information, and let you watch a few videos on YouTube.

Use it as a digital picture frame: When not in use the Google Home Hub can show you curated photos from albums you select in Google Photos. And because it is using Google Photos, as you take new pictures you will constantly get to see new images in rotation. The images it displays should never get stale. This I think would also make a perfect gift for the grandparents. Set one up and then they’ll constantly get new images of their grandkids in rotation!

Use it as an information hub when you start your day: As mentioned in the first list item, the Google Home Hub can give you weathers reports, and commute information. With Google voice match, it can know who it taking to it and a simple “Good Morning” can kick of the weather, your commute time, what’s on your schedule, and other information as you get ready for the day.

Now this is just a few reasons I want to pick a few up (yes a few). the Google Home Hub will be arrival as of 10/22 (but you can pre-order today) and I’ll definitely be on the digital line to pick some up. At a $149 price point….I’ll be needing to figure out what I’m going to do with the Google Homes I’ll be replacing with the Home Hubs! Definitely looking for a chance to review this device as the time comes closer!

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