One of the biggest questions I got while covering the BlackBerry KEY2 was whether it worked with Verizon. Unfortunately it didn’t (as you can read and see here) but it looks like Big Red is playing nice and the KEY2 LE will be supporting Verizon’s network as well as the usual GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile. Interestingly enough Sprint looks to be left out of the bunch.

Pricing for the BlackBerry KEY2 LE in Slate will be starting at $449 for the Dual-SIM 64GB model. Preorders start today and you can sign on Amazon. Availability on Best Buy’s site and in-store will be coming up soon. KEY2 LE in Slate will be on-sale October 12th.

If you have your eye on the Champagne color you will have to wait a bit longer as its set for release on November 2nd and will with a pricepoint starting of $499.99. This color will also be unlocked working on AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon.

Which color are you looking to pickup? 

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