Stroppa Flat Neck Strap Active

Photography is about more than just megapixels and bit-rates. Sure that’s the first thing you think about, but what are you using to carry your precious Instagram-destroying gear with – some branded, nylon neck strap that came in the box? You got into photography as a form of self-expression, so why are you limiting yourself to an uninspired strap; while there are many options for camera straps, very few are as well-built and downright beautiful like these straps from Stroppa.

Stroppa Flat Neck Strap Active

Flat Neck Strap – Active Specs via Stroppa Store

  • Braided cotton mesh Climbing rope in Black
    Tuscan leather
    Stainless steel rings
    90cm length

Neck Straps Usually Ain’t My Thing But

After using the Stroppa Flat Neck Strap daily at the 9-to-5, I found the strap to be comfortable during extended use and also not too long where it was continually getting in the way. The new Flat strap design was created to give the strap itself a more flexible quality to the build without compromising its tensile strength. While attached to both my beastly medium format, film camera, and comparatively tiny Olympus camera I found the strap Comfortable, breathable, and stylish on both.

Though it’s typically not my preference to use, a neck strap on the streets, I found that the strap comfortably supported the weight of the cameras without ever getting too uncomfortable. Also, I lugged four cameras on some seriously uncomfortable, NYC summer weather, and noticed that the straps didn’t collect gunk even in 100-percent humidity. Best of all, this strap was able to handle my mirrorless camera on a construction site just as quickly as it did the Bronica in a controlled, studio setting.

Stroppa Fat Wrist Strap Specs via Stroppa Store

  • Sailing Rope in Red
  • Tuscan Leather
  • Rope length 38cm

Keeping Your Camera Close and Your Sense of Style Closer

Like the flat neck strap, the Stroppa Fat wrist strap was comfortable even in extended use and in its red sailing rope option, absolutely eye-catching. While the flat strap appeared to disappear along with whatever I was wearing that day, the chunky red wrist strap stood out in the most handsome of ways. I paired the Stroppa Fat wrist strap to my Fujifilm X-T3 – my events and portraits camera – and found that it handled very well. It provided me with a comfortable place to rest my camera while always having it in hand.

Customizing your camera is not anything new. While many folks are quite content using whatever came in the box, those looking to add a personal touch to their gear without sacrificing function for form would do well checking out the straps from Stroppa. I used the straps for the better part of the summer on everything from my mighty but tiny Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk. II and the beastly Bronica medium format film camera – these straps are exceptionally well-built, the quality of the leather shines through, and are priced well below many competitors ($38 for our neck strap and $33 for the wrist strap); so ditch those ugly and uncomfortable nylon straps and step up your camera style game.

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