With Destiny 2 Forsaken coming around soon, Bungie needed something to pull its fan base back into the game. They achieved just that with the July update, Solstice of Heroes. Every Destiny game or expansion provided a moment of triumph, a way for players to track what they have and haven’t completed in the game.

Solstice of Heroes was just that, a way for players to complete anything they might not have had the chance to finish or find things they never thought about looking for. Grinding to get you back into the Destiny mindset. Grabbing all the old friends you have made over the years in the game, going through the different tasks to upgrade armor, weapons, ranks, find hidden chests, and find all those data fragments.

The beginning of Destiny 2 was not what players might have wanted it to be, but it ended the way we wanted it too. It truly turned out to be the game players needed. This is something Bungie needed as content from War mind was getting stale, having another way to keep players interested. Especially knowing that one of the beloved characters is possibly going to lose his life. Keeping players excited about getting revenge is the goal.

The Solstice of Heroes was by far one of my favorite updates of all. I did enjoy playing war mind as it gave Destiny 2 something fresh, but Solstice of Heroes turned me back onto the game and made me love it again. It could have been all the grinding and the playing with old friends I have not played within a while. It might have been searching for the things I never thought of searching for before or even completing before. It might have been that I truly started my grind two weeks before the deadline and honestly grinded more than I normally might have. It might be the fact that I have all of the Moment of Triumph T-shirts and I was not going to let this one get away from me. It might be all of those reasons I listed but, in the end, in my mind, Bungie was successful with this update.

I hope to see you all during Forsaken, comment below if you are excited about its arrival.

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