This year at IFA Marshall has not one but two big announcements at IFA 2018 this year with their speaker line. First up is the Kilburn II which is the sequel to their powerful portable speaker. Its features audio firing from both ends thanks to its multi directional Blumlein stereo sound, and is also equipped with AptX for Bluetooth 5.0. No wires, no cords equals no tangles.

We actually to take a peek and listen to the Kilburn II last week prior to IFA. Some first hands on is it sounds nice in a room, liking the battery indicator on there and the carry strap is reminiscent of one from a guitar. We should have one in shortly to check out and will give our full input about it.

Next up is Marshall jumping into the smart speaker arena with the Action II Voice and Stanmore II Voice. Both are equipped with Alexa and are slated to give you some of the best killer sound firing out any Alexa speakers on the market today. We did get a chance to sit down and ask Alexa a few questions and play some tracks and so far so good. Interestingly enough Marshall is working on a Google Assistant version later in the year.

As of right now the Action II Voice will retail for $299 with pre-orders starting on October 2nd and availability November 9th. Stanmore II Voice will be $399.99 with pre-orders starting August 30th and will be available October 2nd. You can sign up for notifications of preorders HERE.

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