God of War for PS4 is finally getting it’s first major update. Typical to all of the God of War games, after you complete the story and finish the game you could always go back and start the game over at a harder difficulty BUT with all of the new gear and armor you collected prior to completion. Having the ability to do this gave GoW instant replay value and some bragging rights amongst your friends if you finished that mode. In this GoW it wasn’t available and fans of the game were clamoring for this mode and wondering if an update for what is arguably the game of the year is going to happen at any level. It’s been quite some time but we finally get confirmation of the first of hopefully many updates for God of War.

Santa Monica Studios announced via Twitter of the new update and now we know that the new game Plus Mode will be released on August 20th and we can expect for sure that the new Plus Mode will be significantly more difficult than the original story. There is more likely than not going to be some new armor, weapon and enchantment changes as well as some new combat skills that you didn’t have in the original that you’ll be able to get if you play the plus mode. If PLUS MODE is anything like I anticipate then those who dare who play will be in for an extreme challenge. The Valkyries were the first thing that came to mind. I can’t imagine what the Valkyries are going to be like in Plus Mode when you consider how difficult they were on normal mode. What remains to be seen is whether or not we gain access to the other realms or at least one other before the year is out. Who knows? For now, PLUS MODE is here on August 20th. If you don’t already have God of War you can get it from the PS Store for $60 HERE

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