If you haven’t checked out the newest season of Luke Cage or the show in general, go log to your Netflix(or your friends) account and hop right to it. But if you have been watching the show the past few years the title character has been recognizing mostly for his hoodie wearing which was a tribute to slain teen Trayvon Martin which took place in 2012 and was wearing a black hoodie as well.

Throughout the series it has become his trademark with bulletproof Luke Cage having his hoodies by Carhartt getting turned into swiss cheese and then him donning another or even finding fans in the show wanting them as souvenirs.

Seeing as how Carhartt sweatshirts have become a big part of the series it was only right for them to create a hoodie to honor the hit Netflix series. Its styled after their K122 – Midweight Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt with a yellow lining inside the hood and “Luke Cage” branding on the sleeve. They are priced for $59.99 and come in a limited number with only having a 1,000 made. I have seen them go in and out of stock but keep your eyes peeled. I happen to get one myself and while I thought I needed an XL which i usually get for my 6’1 frame you might be fine with a Large which I was advised to get as they run a bit big and it fit perfectly. While it is blazing hot for the summer they will do great for the later seasons to come.


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