Music is one of the big things for those that workout, run or just want to get their mind right. Nowadays most are switching over to wireless connections but there are those that still like a nice hardwired device. JBL has those in mind with the Endurance Run. These are wired earbuds apart of their “Endurance” series catered to stay up with you for the long haul.


Endurance Run are look like a simplistic style of wired earbuds that come in five distinct colors. JBL provided me with the red hue for this review. What’s interesting about the Run is that they can be worn in two ways thanks to what JBL called “Flex Hook”. I was surprised to look at the earbuds and see they had Left, Right lettering on both earbuds. You can go through the normal way of plugging in your ears or you can do a wrap around the ear method. Earbuds are also magnetic so you can stick them together and not worry about making a total mess of your wires. A one-button remote is also available that allows for play/pausing and also answering calls.


For the most part I used the Run with a OnePlus 6 as its one of a few smartphones that still has a headphone jack. Endurance Run actually outputs a nice amount of bass thru the tiny buds. Sound quality otherwise is okay at best and not the best in the world. Vocals can sound a bit distant at times. But then again for the extremely low price tag they hold up nicely.


I used the Endurance Run on a couple of outings and they held up nicely. Never falling out my ears which can be a given most of the time with earbuds and my ears. I didn’t find them getting uncomfortable either. I used them to take a few calls as well and I was able to hear the caller fine and vice versa.


With a price of $19.99, JBL has created a pretty inexpensive pair of earbuds that can be used either for everyday use or take it for a few runs or workouts. As mentioned sound is okay but they do produce some thump in the bass department. I do wish they came with a little carry bag though for storage purposes.

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