Last week Bungie announced that it would be revealing what’s to come in YEAR TWO of Destiny 2 since its release last September. Destiny 2 started off great but has since cooled off a bit and it’s in need of some new life. It’s not known what direction Bungie plans to go in but there are a number of rumors swirling around about who or what we may see in Year Two. The biggest so far, is the return of Mara Sov after what appeared to be her death at the hands of Oryx and the Dreadnaught. If this is true then that means we’ll also see the return of the Reef as a social space. Of course, nothing can be confirmed until we actually see it but that’s the big rumor.

Since the release of the Warmind DLC, Bungie has made a series of changes to the gameplay in Destiny 2. Whether or not these changes were enough to bring back the dwindling community still remain to be seen. Much more work is needed to the game and this livestream tomorrow should be sure to give us the info we need. Hopefully, there will be an announcement of a new raid and full makeover to the game as a whole. New big bad ass enemy, new weapons and more. The Taken King as it stands right now is still the best DLC that Bungie has put out for Destiny, period.

Bungie says this time around there will be a “never-before” seen Destiny mode. Along with that we can probably expect new weapon slot expansion, new gear, new roadmap, changes to weapon customization, gear customization, etc. Who knows? I’m excited to see what the developers and Deej have up their sleeve for the future with Destiny. Their future kind of depends on it. If you want to check out their livestream you can check it out tomorrow 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m PT HERE on their official Twitch channel and the replay on their official channel HERE on YouTube.

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