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While wireless charging has been around for quite some time and companies have been supporting it, the full embrace didn’t happen till Apple incorporated wireless charging capabilities in their iPhone 8 and X Series of smartphones. One thing I have to say is when Apple decides to do something it opens the doors for others. If you have never experienced wireless charging you might not realize how convenient it is at times. In the case of Case-Mate they have catered to the various styles of wireless charging all in one package.


powerpad docked

When you unbox the PowerPad you will be welcomed by a wireless charging pad with a 18W Quick Charge adapter attached, a stand and a riser for some of your bigger taller devices. Setup is pretty straightforward. Plug the wireless charging pad to the closest outlet and place your phone on the PowerPad. But here is where it gets interesting. You can position this pad in three ways. You can use it by itself flat and on a surface, place it on the stand upright for portrait viewing or flip it to its side landscape style. Case-Mate doesn’t keep you stuck on one style and fits your needs.

The PowerPad comes either in white or black. On the PowerPad itself there is a rubberized rectangular to keep your phone at bay and prevent any sliding.


landscape off dock

I been using the PowerPad for the past week or so and the experience has been pleasant. Funny thing I have used the different styles in various scenarios. I used it flat when I wanted to pick it up with ease and up straight so I can see notifications while penning up work on my PC. I did use it in landscape mode to watch some content while charging which I see that’s what it’s best for. Fast charging has kicked in for the various devices I used it with ranging from LG G7 to Galaxy S9(providing 9W) and also getting good speeds on the iPhone 8(with 7.5 charging). Using it with thin to medium build cases also didn’t garner any issues with charging.


There isn’t much to dislike about the PowerPad. It’s one of the more versatile wireless charging designs on the market and its rectangular design makes it nearly invisible and secretive depending how you use it. It does have a slightly higher price tag at $60 then some wireless chargers out there but you can find deals with it hovering around $40-45 on Amazon and other retailers at times.


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