In The Bag - Alberto Lima

Welcome to it’s in the bag, a semi-regular feature here at G Style Magazine where your local guides give you a sneak peak into their personal gear of choice. This week we’re featuring our newest member of the crew, Photography Editor / Camera Reviewer Alberto Lima.

What is in the Bag?

First thing is first, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is my second go-to bag; I primarily use it when going to an event or small 1 short gig. His tight weight, holds plenty of stuff, and modular-allowing me to mark room for whatever I may be carrying that day. On this particular day l was just planning on shooting some street portraits so I opted for a simple load out: 

  • Joby Gorilla Pod
  • Canon Canonet QL 17 (35mm film Camera)
  • Olympus OM-D E-M5 MK. II
  • Moleskin Pocket Notebook
  • Lens Pens and microfiber cloth
  • IPad with Logitech Slim Folio keyboard case
  • Moo Square business cards
  • Moleskine Paper Tablet
  • and a Rode VideoGo microphone.

Not pictured: Neo Smartpen N2, 2 rolls of Lomography Earl Grey 100 film, Lami Safari fountain pen.

Ask any photographer what’s the perfect bag and you’ll probably hear, “I’m still looking.” That said, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack comes pretty damned close. It’s stylish but doesn’t scream “Rob me” with subtle hints of leather and a very pleasing aesthetic. The Olympus OM-D E-M 5 MkII was in the bag so I could capture a little BTS footage and take a few stills to immediately provide the client. Attached to the camera is Olympus’ version of the nifty fifty- the Olympus M-Zuiko 25mm F/1.8. The combination provides a versatile set up that works for both stills and video as well as portraits and environmental shots.

The iPad is for quick on-the-go edits while the two notebooks are always with me for record-keeping or drafting my next story. The key to a good video is great audio; that’s why if you’re going to shoot video, ditch on-camera audio and upgrade to an external mic. I bought the Rode VideoGo mic a while back, it does a good enough job where I don’t mind carrying it with me and in no rush to replace. 

The Canon Cannot QL 17 is a camera that live long had my eye on. During the law’s, this camera was about as ubiquitous as an iPhone would be today (relatively speaking of course). It’s pocketable with a very fast 40mm f/1.7 lens – just shy of the 50mm that many claim to be the perfect street photography lens. Camera equipment like lenses can be so pricey sometimes. So I suggest going with a photography equipment rental sometimes. It can save a lot of money.

This particular set up is my go-to when walking around NYC in between gigs or simply looking for inspiration on the street. Some of the appeal of choosing smaller gear is that it let’s me focus on what my goal is – create more and worry about gear less.

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