In case you missed the news yesterday, exciting stuff is happening in Fortnite right now. Since its release last July, Fortnite has grabbed the attention of gamers all over the world. The buzz on the street this week is the release of season 4 and all the cool items the update will bring. The good news is the wait is over, as the update released yesterday and players are able to see all the fun it will bring. The overall theme of season 4 is “Brace For Impact!

The update will fix a few bugs in the system for Battle Royal and Save the World game modes along with bringing new fun things for players to do in both. Players who participate will gain new rewards that they will be able to unlock over time.

Epic has done a great job of keeping the game active with its new stages and rankings. The game already has a huge player base and with the update ensuring they keep gamers coming back for more.

I have to say the update has me pretty interested in checking it out. Especially after seeing the fact that you can add a Flash skin on your character.



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