Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers

One of the most important things while gaming is great sound. Another thing you start to find interesting is the use of RGB. Logitech has been doing RGB for quite a while in their gaming mice and keyboards and also have set up some sweet speaker systems for your PC but never mixed the two.. until now. Logitech’s G560 gaming speakers bridges RGB lighting with audio to give you a visual response like never seen before. Now how do these work on a day-to-day and will they really replace your current speakers?


The G560 features two satellite speakers and a subwoofer which pumps out at 240W. Setup is pretty easy and straightforward as the instructions are actually laid out on the flat of the box. The two speakers are connected to the subwoofer and sub is plugged into the outlet making the main source of power. Getting everything connected should take you no more than five minutes. The subwoofer is pretty heavy though as it is pushing a little 12lbs while the speaker combine for 4lbs giving a killer 16lbs in total weight.

Subwoofer features ports on the back for speaker connections and power adapter while the right speaker has controls for volume, Bluetooth syncing, and changing the brightness of the lighting. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack if you feel the need to plug up some headphones. There is two lighting zones with them lights firing from through the sides within the curves.

After connecting everything make sure you download the gaming software for the speakers which you may already have if you been using their LogitechG RGB mice and keyboards. So with the G560 you can go one of two ways. You can set up via Bluetooth or go hardwired and plug into your laptop/PC. If you decide to go Bluetooth you won’t be able to utilize the Gaming software for customization.


Using the Gaming software with the G560 is the best route to go if you the ability to. This allows you to get full on customization in regards to the speakers changing the colors and using various applets/profiles. A pretty applet is the “Screen Sampler” one which will grab colors from your screen and use them to sync. So if you are on different pages or watching a movie it will fit the mood of what you are looking at. Visual Sampler is great for music as it changes right on queue with the music you are listening to. It’s pretty phenomenal I have to say.

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Now one of the real reasons to purchase this is for gaming purposes and the Lightsync tech that runs behind it. Playing supported games like Grand Theft Auto 5, and even booting up some games of Fortnite looked pretty dope syncing with the speakers. That being said I hope Logitech continues to work with the developers and so forth to add more profiles as there is a ton of games out there. Hence I play Mortal Kombat X but there is no profile for it but there is for Mortal Kombat 4. Thankfully the screen sampler helps out with this a bit.


So I been using this setup for the past couple of weeks with a couple of my laptops and these speakers are no joke. That subwoofer is pretty killer but maybe a bit too much. Not for me but for those that live with others or even in an apartment building. My neighbors haven’t complained but if your subwoofer is sitting on the floor like this one is you might get some complaints. I would have liked to see where you can disable the sub sometimes and just use the speakers. Best scenario I found for that was going into options of the sound profile and picking the no bass option. It’s not a deal breaker for me but it could be something to think about for others. Also the G560s utilize DTS X(not MAC supported) to help out with surround sound quality.


For the price of $199.99 you are getting gaming speakers like no other. Sound is intense and can really help you get immersed in the experience. There is no one doing lighting effects with speakers like this right now and can be a game changer depending on the games you play. All they really need is to add more gaming profiles and possibly an option to turn down or off the subwoofer at those times when it’s not needed.


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