In just a couple of days, April 18th to be exact, the players of Monster Hunter World will get another free update that includes some new goodies. A new type of event called SIEGE and a bad ass new Elder Dragon named Kulve Taroth. Capcom is finally closing off the Nergigante and the useless Zorah Magdaros investigations and replacing it with this.

Monster Hunter World has been flush with some pretty good updates in the last 45 days with the latest one being the Mega Man Palico update. With the Spring Festival event nearing it’s end, the timing is perfect for this. Judging by the video you can clearly see that Kulve Taroth is huge, fierce and covered in gold armor. The siege event is somewhat like a raid in that it’s a cooperative effort but unlike a normal fight with 4 players you can add up to 16 players to take on Kulve Taroth. The caveat to having 16 players is that you cannot join via an SOS as it will disabled for this event but you won’t be left out even if you don’t have a squad. You can join up within an online session or a dedicated Kulve Taroth lobby. There will be 16 players on the field of play all fighting at the same time so expect some carnage. There will be no additional buff for the elder dragon as the same multiplayer rules will be same for 16 as it is for 4 players. This tells us that Kulve Taroth probably has a million hit points if it allows for 16 players to fight him.

There also stands to be some really cool gold weapons that you’ll be able to forge from defeating Kulve Taroth. Who knows? We can’t wait. The update actually goes live on April 18 at 5pm PT / April 19 at 1am BST.

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