Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Review

Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones ReviewNew to the audio scene is a lifestyle company called Shinola (sometimes branded Shinola Detroit) that has mostly specialized and known for watches but also has other things such as leather handbags and even bikes. So it’s interesting to see them dabble in the crowded audio space. Can Shinola add another category to their expanding brand portfolio?



It looks like Shinola takes their quality serious as the Canfields are crafted with sweet materials. Headband is composed of two different types of leather on the top and bottom while stainless connects that to the earpads. Earpads are memory foam with lambskin encased. With this precious build though comes some weight as the Canfields weight close to a pound(0.73lbs).Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Cables

Earpads swivel out to access for storage or if you take them off and place around your neck.

They come with a braided Y audio cable for each ear pad that has an inline mic and volume controls. Using with a Samsung Galaxy S9 the play,pause,skip features work but not volume controls as its suited for a iPhone unfortunately. The Canfields are also equipped with a carrying case to keep your headphones protected.


Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Earpad

Earpads are magnetic and removable and also reveal 40mm Shinola Dynamic Transducers. Giving these some listening sessions they have a nice mid/high presence. Listening to various tracks they pick up vocals and instruments such as listening to “That’s My B***h” by Watch the Throne but the bass seems to be lacking. It’s there but I’d like a little bit more. This can also be said for “Plain Jane” by A$AP Ferg which has a bass heavy vibe.


I think the craftsmanship of these headphones is on point and gets a thumbs up from me but the weight can make them fit slightly heavy. The earpads could use more cushion as long periods of wearing isn’t ideal. Adjusting these while wearing is an impossible task as well. You will most likely end up taking them off to do so.


Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Earpads 2

When the Canfields first dropped they were a neck scratching $495 but have since come down to $350 with availability in three distinct styles such as Cognac, a Glossy Black, and Black/White which I been covering.  While I love the build and sound quality isn’t bad minus needing more bass they just aren’t the most comfortable headphones to rock especially with long-term viewing. I think if the price drops a bit more they might find some heads to try them out but their pricepoint is pretty crowded. I’d be interested to see how they do a 2nd gen pair though and wireless.

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