Should you let your children play games on the tablet or not? There are those who say that all screens are a no-no for younger children but there are also those who claim that some screen use can be beneficial, even for toddlers! If you are going to let the young ones play on the tablet, make sure to pick the best tablet-based games. There are games that entertain but can also be those that entertain and educate at the same time.

But before you go hunting for suitable games, have a look at the tablet. It is important that it has a good screen size and also good resolution. Don’t let your children play the best tablet games on a piece of junk that will strain their eyes!

Make sure to have Toy Crush
If you don’t have Toy Crush for your phone or tablet yet, it is about time you get it. This game will let the kids tap tiles and try to solve the ever-moving puzzle game. It is fast-paced and fun. In fact, you might find yourself trying to get some gaming time in on the child’s tablet. That’s all right. This way you will end up spending some much needed time together doing something fun and energizing.

Simple puzzle games
You will be amazed to see how entertaining the most simple puzzle games for tablets are to children. Even very young children can understand how to drag and drop pieces to match them correctly in the puzzle. With a free app for the tablet, you can choose levels and let children of different ages enjoy the same puzzle. The tablet puzzles also come with music and effects that make it a lot of fun to finish each picture.

Car and motor games
They never go out of style. Flying on cartoon roads on a motorbike or pushing the gas in a beautiful sports car is perfectly safe on the tablet. The best car and motor games for tablets are very simple. They let your child choose a vehicle and then drive through cool tracks. This is also a type of game that can fit different ages so it is excellent to bring along on the family car trip when you will need some distraction for passengers that can’t quite see the charm of sitting still for a long time.

Good old Mario
It is a game that you most likely play and you can get it for the tablet. Super Mario Bros was a revolution when it was first released. It is still a treat. And today you can find spinoffs that give the kids the same challenge of moving through worlds and avoiding enemies while collecting important things. This type of tablet game is great since it makes for many hours of fun. The children will come back to the game and pick it up where they left it. They will also find it interesting to talk about how different things in the game should be handled correctly. Just like you did, way back when…

[Written by Amber Jones]
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