I recently went on to the SCUF gaming website and I have to say that what I saw was just amazing. I am a huge fan of SCUF controllers and they just made me a bigger one. No one has really designed their own PS4 controller until now and it looks like a winner in my book. Looking at SCUF’S new SCUF IMPACT controllers, it’s like a work of art. It is shaped nothing like the previous SCUF controllers with more style and sleeker looking curves. It looks like an Xbox controller with a PS4 twist and SCUF’s enhanced features.

Same Old SCUF

Just like all SCUF controllers, all parts are easily interchangeable. That is another key factor about SCUF controllers. How many times has your PS4 joystick lost the rubber or acted up during a game? Being able to easily change those parts helps when things are not going that well. It also has the SCUF signature trigger buttons on the back of the controller for easy button use. With the SCUF IMPACT, you can even change the standard directional pad. You can change it from the standard directional pad to a joystick. This will allow easier movability when using.

I think SCUF really hit it out of the park with this PS4 controller design. The over style of the controller is just exciting to see. I showed my son and was in awe of the design and asked me when are we ordering one. I am truly sold on this remote. What About You?

Comment below on your thought on the old SCUF remotes and the new SCUFIMPACT.

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