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Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro Bundle


While visiting the PlayStation Network website this weekend, I was greeted with one of greatest images I have seen in a long time. I’m a huge fan of the God of War franchise and when I saw the limited edition God of War PS4 Pro Bundle I was in love. One of the exciting aspect of the new limited edition PS4 Pro is just that it is a Pro model and not the standard one, all decked out in God of War livery.

The color scheme of the Limited Edition PS4 Pro is gold, grey, and white with warrior markings on the top and the front. The color scheme itself is a statement of the quality of game God of War is going to be. I am sure we are all fans of the new PS4 controllers with the new light at the top, but the GOW controller looks so good with the God of War logo across the touch panel and warrior markings on the right handle. You have to admit, in terms of limited editions, this one looks super slick.


Not only am I excited about the limited edition hardware, but also about the new God of War game coming out. Over the years, God of War has been an excellent franchise that grabbed your attention and kept you interested. The story line has always been entertaining and from the looks of the latest trailer, the new one is not going to disappoint either.

I have been in the market for a new PS4 and I think I just found it. I can’t wait to see the quality of the game in 4K resolution.

Comment Below if you have pre-ordered or if you will purchase the new PS4 limited edition bundle.

Shawn Gonsalves
Shawn Gonsalveshttp://www.gstylemag.com
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