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Nintendo is Bringing MarioKart Tour to Mobile Devices


Just like most of you I am a huge fan of anything Mario. When I read a tweet from Nintendo on January 31st, 2018 at 8:36 PM stating they are bringing MarioKart Tour to mobile devices, I was excited and went to the play store right away to see if I could download it. Clearly, I was not able to download it as it will be available between April of this year and March of 2019. We don’t have much more information regarding MarioKart Tour aside from what was stated above, but we will provide more information when it is released.


I also remember the first time I played MarioKart with my brother and cousins as kids on Super NES. I cannot forget all the trash talk. Who was going to beat who and which characters were the best? Yoshi to me was one of the coolest characters. It took the idea of Mario Brothers and its characters from Super Mario Brother’s to another level. A game where princes peach didn’t need saving but could fight her own battles. It made us think outside the box as kids. I enjoy playing games on my phone to pass the time. I can just imagine passing the time playing MarioKart and thinking back to my childhood.

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