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Gear your Angry Birds up with NFL attire just in time for Super Bowl LII

angry birds 2 NFL

While your favorite team may or may not be in the Super Bowl, it doesn’t stop you from outfitting the crazy angry birds in “Angry Birds 2” and “Angry Birds Evolution” in your team’s NFL garb. Rovio has teamed up with the NFL to dress the birds up in any of the 32 NFL uniforms such as the helmets and jerseys from the roster today.

The Angry Birds Evolution Super Bowl LII events unveils 32 NFL characters into the game, and players have the chance to get an exclusive new bird character called the ‘Quarterback’, who will be outfitted in an NFL team jersey. In ‘Player Versus Player’ mode, ‘The Oinktagon’, gets a complete Super Bowl LII makeover as it is transformed into a football field.

The new Angry Birds Super Bowl LII in-game features are vividly brought to life with console quality graphics, highlighting all 32 team uniforms and logos. The NFL in-game graphics are special, limited-time experiences found within the Angry Birds franchise adding even more excitement to the games.

angry birds Evo NFL

The Super Bowl LII in-game events begin across both Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Evolution on Wednesday January 24 and run until Super Bowl Sunday on February 4. Download the games now:


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