Drones…once in the realm of the super expensive to own and use or as a useless toy by some companies that wanted to capitalize without proper execution. Today drones are a big deal, with several big names in the field and tons of lesser or unknown players who want a piece of the action as well. Now a days if you want to own a drone, you have a myriad of options. From highly expensive to super affordable, and many places in-between. In-between is where I would place the Yuncee Breeze 4K. Yuneec themselves a brand we’ve come to know and recommend. We’ve reviewed their TYPHOON Q500 4K Drone back in 2015, and since then have kept an eye out for new devices from them. Which bring us to the Breeze 4K.

I started this post some time ago and though just now getting around to finishing it, I have been using the Breeze 4K often. Actually most of the car videos that we will be putting on our G Style YouTube page has been shot by drone and using the Breeze 4K. It has taken me some time to get use to flying the drone, but the video quality has been great. While there are tons of drones out there, I’ll let you know why so far it has been my go to.

Easy to set up and go – The Breeze 4K is super easy to get going and with its small, it isn’t too challenging to take with you, unpack, and get flying. The Breeze 4K weight under a pounds and small enough to pop in your backpack and go. Once you take it out, the propellers are ready to use. You don’t have to take extra time to place in and set up your propellers. The only set up is placing the propellers in a straight place. Once you load up the app and connect, you already to go!

Tons of flying options geared towards easier use – True as of recently a lot of drones now have tons of flying modes, but the Breeze 4K does have a few if you as smooth on the joysticks yet. These include Selfie, Follow me, Orbit, and Journey mode. Each of these allow the Breeze 4K to do some of the flying autonomously and allow you to still get the picture or video you wish. I mainly use pilot mode and FPV mode (more on this later.

Great images and video – The Breeze 4K does take some really good pictures and even better video. As in the name suggest, it can shoot 4K video. While I normally focus on 1080P resolution in my videos, having the ability for 4K is nice. And if I need to take a still shot, having a 13MP on board is handy. Your overall quality will ultimately be based on how well you pilot you drone, but once you get the hang of it you’ll capture pretty stunning footage!

If you do think you want the Breeze 4K which you can now get at Amazon for $449.99, I will make one suggestion to you. Don’t get it without the FPV accessory. With the FPV system you’ll get some FPV (First Person Video) goggles and a bluetooth controller to use with your phone to control your drone. You see with the Breeze 4K you control it with an app on your phone (both iOS and Android) and then use this app to control the drone. While novel at first using the phone screen for control, if you really want to get good in the driver’s seat you’ll need an external controller. I truly didn’t start getting better footage with the drone until I was able to use the phone just as a screen for viewing and the controller to pilot. The FPV bundle will run you about $69, but trust me it is so worth it!

It isn’t all good though. While I do enjoy using the Breeze 4K drone, but downside and I believe this affects many drones is the flight time you get from a batter. On Yuneec’s site it says you can get about 12 minutes of flight time. Depending on if you are shooting pictures and videos, this can be less. When they sent us the Breeze it came with two batteries and I can roughly get about 24-30 minutes flight time depending on video/picture-taking. Another issues I noticed with the battery and seemed to be not only an issue I faced, but when I searched online found others who experienced the same thing. The battery failing. One day all is good and then another I put the batteries into the charger and the charger light was flashing blue. This mean abnormal charge and like that battery couldn’t charge anymore. When it happened to the first battery I chalked it up to a battery fluke, but when it happen to the other I had cause for concern. I have since picked up another battery to use, but they aren’t cheap (They will run you about $60 bucks). At $60 bucks a piece, you’ll want your batter to last. So while I haven’t had any issues with the new battery so far, just putting that out there for when.

Overall I really do like using the Breeze 4K. It is small, easy to transport, and gets the job done at a cost that won’t break the bank. You’ll probably want to pick up the FPV controller and maybe an extra battery for the best experience, but you can’t go wrong with that further preparation. Below is some small images I’ve taken and a few of the videos you can find on our YouTube channel.

Ford F-150 Raptor

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