It’s been awhile since I owned a Nintendo console. I might have to say 21yrs which would be showing my age. That was a Nintendo 64 which like this console I bought primarily for Mario in case was “Super Mario 64”.

So even after the announcement and release I was still on the fence still I saw Super Mario Odyssey. Its release date was so far out from the actual console. We are talking March and it’s now mid-October. But I held my breath and prayed for a Mario NS bundle which was announced last month. But enough about me and here is a quick look at the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle.


What’s Included?

First off you get this snazzy box packing showing off the special edition Switch and on the back is the game artwork.

Inside you have the usual such as a Type C USB power plug, Switch Dock, HDMI cable and Nintendo Console. The differences solely lie in the Joy Cons. Instead of one being blue and other red or all gray you are getting this kind of candy paint red version. I like the solid look of them.

As this being a Mario bundle you are of course getting a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey. If you prefer physical media you might want to stray away from this. Personally I prefer physical but this being my first game I’ll deal with it.

Last thing in the bundle is a carrying case that can house the Switch with the Joy-Cons attached. Nice material inside should help it from getting scratched. It’s a slim case though so you can’t put anything else in there but maybe some games and memory cards. If you try to fit the straps in there or other wires you will be disappointed.


Pick Up a Mario Switch Bundle?

So I waited seven months after the initial release of the Nintendo Switch and was it worth the wait for this special edition bundle?

I believe so in my honest opinion. This was a game I was focused on and been waiting solely for. Of course I’ll visit Zelda, Mario Kart and others but I’m dedicated to this game right now.  If you been waiting like me I’d say pick one up and this edition is cool as you will stand out from others with the sweet red joy-cons.


Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition is available now for $379.99 at various retailers.  

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