Everyone knows that during the summer when it is hot, you want to roll around with the top down. When you own a convertible, this is pretty much a requisite. This past August we did just that for a week with the 2017 Buick Cascada. The Buick brand to me represents an older crowd, but they have done a good jump in appealing to a younger crowd lately. We took a week to check out this summer worthy convertible. Was we won over? Let’s dig in!

Not a Bad First Date..

The Buick Cascada is a decent looking car. Good body shape, nice wheels, and an interior that is comfortable. It is a very well put together convertible, but it lacks enough wow factor. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels a little stocky. Not to say that it doesn’t look nice, but it didn’t have that “wow” feeling with you first approach. If you were to buy a Cascada, I would suggest one of the other colors than red. Taking a look at the Buick website, I think the best colors suited for the Cascada would be the True Blue Metallic, Deep Sky Metallic, or the Smoke Pearl Metallic hues. These color bring out the Cascada’s look more so than the red.

Now while the exterior of the Cascada didn’t quite grab my attention, the interior is a different story! The interior is very well done with the leather seats, stitching that matched the outside color giving you a nice two color look seating. This stitching actually follows along the dashboard for a great continuous look. The infotainment console and control panels for the heating/AC/Radio is nicely put together and appealing to touch. The interior is where you spend your time in a car and it is good to see the detail work put into the Cascada!

Driving Experience is Par for the Course

As the week went on, driving the Cascada was an enjoyable experience. We got a chance to take it on some nice empty roads and opened it up. I enjoyed it, but the Cascada didn’t leave me feeling enamored. The Buick Cascada performs well, acceleration is good, turning great, braking also on point. But the Cascada just didn’t take me to a special place. And this is okay. Not every car is for everyone. I definitely enjoy moving around the town with it, but this one didn’t do it for me. I did enjoy their infotainment console and the ease of use with it. I’m always big on how quick and easy I can connect my phone to the car and this was a cake walk, so kudos points for that!

Wrap Up

The 2017 Buick Cascada has a starting MSRP of $33,065. It is definitely a good car to own and if you are a current Buick owner looking for something fun to own on the convertible side, I’d have no problem recommending this. But if you are a free market shopper and looking for a convertible, for the price I might be more incline to slip into an Audi A3 Cabriolet, Camaro, or Mustang for that drop top summer fun!

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