Given the enthusiasm that a lot of people have for online casino gambling and the fact that apps that offer real play gambling are still not allowed within the Google Play Store, it probably isn’t that surprising that someone else has stepped in to fill this void for Android phone users. The newly launched is the very first online store to provide real-play casino apps for Android mobile devices.

What is Cherry Rush?

The site is a store similar to the likes of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – except that it is dedicated entirely to real-play casino apps. Real-play basically means casinos apps that do not simply provide a simulation of the casino experience, complete with simulated currency, but actually let you play with real cash – and win real money. However, as well as providing you with a vast array of real-play casino apps ready for download, promising a wider choice of apps than you will find pretty much anywhere else, Cherry Rush also contains a wealth of other features designed to ensure that you have the best possible online/mobile casino experience.

The site

The layout of Cherry Rush is among the best things about it, as the instructions are very straightforward and the layout smart, clean and minimal – which makes navigating your way around it really easy. They want you to find the information, and the app, you need as quickly as possible, which is just how it should be.


One of the key features for this is the app reviews that you will find on the site. These give a real insight into each casino app, including detailed info on the quality of the graphics, the game-play, the bonuses, the security and the payment options of them.

Given how many such apps there are on the market, this makes Cherry Rush an invaluable way of separating the wheat from the chaff and making sure that you get an app to keep you happy.

Trending apps

If the reviews are not enough to help you decide which app is right for you, then the trending feature will provide further assistance. This uses data on the number of downloads from across the world to determine what the hottest real-play casino apps are at any given time. All of the apps featured on this list can be downloaded for free from Cherry Rush, which lets you give them a try and find out for yourself what has made them popular.

Staff picks

The app also contains a list of casino apps personally picked by Cherry Rush staff as the best, alongside the Great Games of the Week feature, showing you what the experienced casino-loving staff think are the strongest apps out there.

Cherry Rush is a great app for anyone who wants to find the finest real-play casino apps – and fills a much-needed gap in the market. If you haven’t already tried, now is the time to start.

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