Couple weeks back we got to sit down with the team at DTS to get an ear full of their new DTS Virtual X software here in NYC. What’s interesting was the atmosphere was totally different from when I sat with them a year prior. Last year they had us in a room with speakers around us, walls sound padded and so forth. This time we were in a nice suite with a big TV and a soundbar accompanied with a subwoofer.

The YAS-207 soundbar happen to be from one of the OGs in the audio game by Yamaha. So they gave us what was considered Virtual Surround Sound quality. They tested it with one of their media disc demos which I seen last year and sounded good. Then a couple of mainstream movies such as Mad Max Fury Road and The Jungle Book(live action). Sound effects were pretty incredible from the brief sit down and they of course did some on and off motions to feel or rather hear the difference.

The Yamaha YAS-207 is actually available now for $299 as of this typing and the DTS Virtual X firmware should be available in August.

We should be back with a full-on review to let you know if its worth the money or not.