Truthfully pickup trucks were never my thing, and if I’m being honest I still wouldn’t say they are. But since moving out to my new home, as I drive throughout the neighborhood I’ve noticed a lot of pickup trucks in the driveways of the homes around me. For every driveway that I’ve seen with multiple cars, one of them was a pickup truck. This got me thinking, what it would be like to have one as my daily driver. Fortunately, my good friends at Ford have been able to let me experience a few pickup trucks recently. For our first post of the new #ThisWeekInTheDriveway, I checked out the F-250 and that was fun. But this time Ford really came through with one I’ve seen around and always thought look enticing…The F-150 Raptor!

Make no mistake, visually the F-150 Raptor looks completed bad a$$! Whenever I’ve seen this truck around the park, I had to stare. This is especially the case with ones that were in the Lighting Blue color, oh god did those look sweet! The one I spent the week with was Ingot Silver, so while not that sweet sweet Blue, it was still bad! When you first approach a Raptor it looks very aggressive and looks like it is the pickup truck made for urban streets. This of course is contrary to its design use, but it has an urban flair to it that I like. Of course, the F-150 Raptor is made to haul some stuff and handle itself if you wish to go off-road. But for all the urban flair and off-road capabilities, it still has a very nice and comfortable interior cabin. It has all the comfort features, and plenty of space so it wasn’t tight or too cozy.

One of my favorite features with the F-150 Raptor is its infotainment system that’s shared among many of Ford’s vehicles. I tend to review a lot of cars and the last thing I want to do is spend extra time to hook up my phone. With Ford’s system, I’m able to quickly connect and go, super small learning curve if it is your first time. Another cool feature (not really a feature but I found it added to the fun to drive list) is the sound the Raptor made as it quickly accelerates. It had this sound as the engine spooled up and it was like all the wind was sucked up right before it took off. I quite enjoyed hearing that as I took it up during my speed and acceleration test.

There were a few minor issues with the Ford F-150 Raptor though. This is definitely a performance vehicle, so it does suck down a lot of gas. If this was your daily driver, and you worked to/from locally this might not be that bad. But if you have any kind of distance in your commute, be ready to couch up more than you normally would. But I’m sure if you are looking at a Raptor, you might be ready for this already. Another issue was the back door configuration when it came to opening them. I totally get that the back doors open reversed and this would help in loading/unloading items, but totally annoying if you plan to have anyone sit back there. Again this is minor, but it was a nuisance during my week.

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Overall the Ford F-150 Raptor would be the envy of any driving in the suburbs, as I definitely felt this when I pass by a few where I live. Clocking in at a little over $50,000 base price this isn’t a cheap pickup truck, but I’d definitely have one in my driveway…if money wasn’t a concern! Check out our Drone fly-by below!

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